Recital Day

Pearly had a fiddle recital. She did a wonderful job. It's great to see improvement over the year.

What made the evening extra special was seeing our eldest daughter. That was the icing on the cake (or the whipping cream on the pie for our family - we're not big cake eaters).

I love you, Hannah!

PS - if you'd like to hear one of the songs where she learned how to "double stop" (playing 2 strings at once), here ya go: Pearly's Fiddlin'
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Tonya  – (6/15/2008 8:42 AM)  

Tell Pearly she did a beautiful job!

I love the picture of you with your girls : )

Jodi  – (6/18/2008 5:13 PM)  

She did an awesome job! Cute pics of you gals!!

Tina  – (6/19/2008 8:08 AM)  

It was so fun to watch the video! She did a great job....:)

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