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Okay, bad news first. I'm bummed. Last night I was up very late packing to go to music camp. Inside a large monogrammed Land's End tote, I placed a beach blanket/sheet, and a cute Gymboree sleeping bag. In my haste, the trunk was accidentally left open and someone stole that tote with everything inside (pretty sure just those 2 items). They did, however, leave the violin (very thankful that the case was black and was positioned way in the back of the trunk). I guess it's just the idea of it. The beach blanket was purely sentimental. I scavenged it outside a dumpster at an apartment where we were living in GA in 1993. That beach blanket was taken to every beach outing in Virginia Beach when we lived there for 6 years and now for the 7 years we've been back in Oregon. It's well-worn, whoever finds it will probably trash it, but it's the memories attached, you know? The tote is no big deal (although I did pay real $$ for it). The Gymboree sleeping bag I would have kept for future grandkids, so that is upsetting. What is up with people? It feels so weird to think that someone was on our property helping themselves to our belongings - violated - yuck! Ok, enough of that.

We're at music camp this week and so while Pearly is taking classes, the younger children and I spend all day having fun. Here we are at A.C. Gilbert's Discovery Village. The kids spent most of the time at their fantastic playground equipment - lots of structures for climbing and lots of big twirly-tube slides.

Brown Eyes

I caught another smile from Jonathan - that is an amazing feat!

Oh, and while we were there, we saw a display to measure children's height. We measured Jonathan and he is 41 inches tall at nearly 2 yrs, 5 months. Now, if history proves itself, that means this kid will be over 6'10". I immediately called my husband and mom. Tall Dude is already 6'7" at 18 yrs old. We know that all of our children will be tall, but when you see double digits on the inches number - YIKES. He may be the true Tall Dude! My mother is the one who originally taught me the formula for predicting children's height. For girls, double their height at exactly 2 years old. For boys, double their height at exactly 2-1/2 yrs. This formula has proven to be correct within 1/2 inch for me and my siblings, my son, and eldest daughter.

Bunny just being cute.
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Tonya  – (6/23/2008 8:03 PM)  

I am so sorry someone stole your stuff, that is really upsetting : (

I can't believe how tall your family is! LOL We are all on the short side, my oldest is about 6'1" at 16 years and we think he is SO tall LOL It is funny to see him looking over his Dad's head, dh is only about 5'10" : )

Smoov  – (6/24/2008 1:05 PM)  

Man, people stole something from the trunk of your car, in your driveway? People can suck sometimes. :(

Tina  – (6/24/2008 9:26 PM)  

Sorry about your stuff! That must be an awful feeling....

Looks like everyone had fun later on though :)

Linda B  – (6/24/2008 9:59 PM)  

That formula didn't work as well for us. My daughter who measured 34" at 2 is now six feet tall. And the daughter who measured 37" is now only 5'11". And my son who was 36" is now 6'5". So we have no idea how the younger ones are going to turn out!

Anonymous –   – (6/30/2008 2:26 PM)  

Yeah, yeah, we get it. Your kids are tall. Good thing for them, because I think you wouldn't value them if they weren't tall. You seem very height-ist. Kids sense that stuff.

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