H's new Poncho

My daughter's senior portrait wearing the poncho she made. The yarn is JoAnn's Sensations Whisper which is now discontinued. The yarn has a beautiful shimmer to it. The pattern is from Lion Brand which looks nothing like the style shown here: http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/kbcl-funFurTrimmedPoncho.html


Starting another baby bonnet - this time using Polo brand with the color "white". I will be doing the eyelet variation, but with the I-cord instead of the satin ribbon.


About to start heel on 2nd sock from Knit Picks - Sock Landscape. This yarn is so nice! I will definitely be ordering more.


Completed Baby Bonnet

Finished bonnet. I love how this turned out. The pattern has embroidered lace appliques on the band. (You can see pattern photos below that show bonnet with appliques.) What do you think? Does the bonnet need some appliques? The bonnet still needs to be blocked. Any tips? I've never blocked something this shape before.

Side and back profile



Interrupting the knitting blog for a brief announcement: Completed 100th lesson!

5-1/2 yr old son, Dub, showing his sticker chart. He just completed his 100th and last lesson in his reading program. Of all the accomplishments of being a mom, this one gives me the greatest joy. Teaching a child how to read is immensely rewarding when you think of the impact it has on the rest of their life. I'm so proud of this boy!

The book on the left, "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons" is now completed. The red book is part of the Pathway Readers series and will be his next reading book. Now the hard part is done - whew! Next week our whole family will go bowling to celebrate this accomplishment. He also gets to go to the Dollar Store. What did mom's do before Dollar Stores, anyway?


Lots of knitting hands in the home

7-yr old knitting boy. He's doing much better with his knitting - tension is much better and he's keeping track of his stitches. He hopes this scarf is completed before the weekend. After he finishes the scarf, he wants to learn how to purl. "I'm glad there's such a thing as knitting so I won't be bored", says 7-yr boy. I couldn't agree more.

Youngest daughter, 10-yrs old, just learned how to purl. She is knitting a belt in stockinette and then I will show her how to attach an I cord around the edge. She loves PINK.


Finishing up the back of the bonnet.

I really like how this is coming together, but boy is the cotton rough on my hands! I'm also using an Inox circular needle and using the magic loop method because my daughter is using Addi's for her "fish thing". The cord on the Inox is stiffer and thicker than Addi's and really is bit annoying. I do like the feel of the Inox needle and the tip - especially when doing the lacework. Now if only Inox could improve on the cord.

Update: took back my Addi's from my daughter and I'm much happier knitting Magic Loop. I will not buy any more Inox needles. Without doing Magic Loop, I think Inox would be fine, but otherwise, Addi rocks.


The "Thing" Progress

More progress on the "fish thing". I couldn't find my daughter's so here is mine. So far, here are the techniques used and learned:

1. cast-on cable
2. garter stitch
3. stockinette
4. k1 p1 rib
5. twisted rib
6. k2 p2 rib
7. joining new yarn (same color)
8. joining new yarn (different color) in rib


Ok, while I'm still waiting for the Sirdar cabled baby poncho pattern to come in, I found this at a LYS. There are 2 new baby girls to knit for. I bought Cascade Yarns "Sierra" in hot pink and will put an embroidered white applique like the yellow bonnet. Isn't it adorable?! Both of the new baby girls have big brothers, so I know the moms are going to go all girlie-girl.

Yarn and new pattern for baby bonnet. Pattern is from www.fibertrends.com and is called Valerie and Friends CH-8.


My 18-yr old daughter and I are working on the funny-looking knitting sampler "fish" from The Sweater Workshop book, by Jacqueline Fee. This knitting sampler teaches many skills necessary in making sweaters. Our newest skill was the cast-on cable stitch. The close-up is my daughter's work.

Close-Up of my daughter's fish. Below are a couple pictures of the finished sampler.


Finished one sock. I love the KnitPicks Sock Landscape yarn! There were only 5 yards left in the skein - talk about close.


Addi Turbos!!!

Addi Turbo!!! I had read about the recent price hike for Addi's Turbo needles because of the devaluing American dollar. I found a seller on eBay who sells them for about half the price of my LYS and the shipping was very reasonable. I added 6 more Addi's to my collection. Althought these are labeled Addi Premium, they are identical to the Addi Turbos that I bought in the US.

New sock using Knit Picks Sock Garden - Red Wood Forest. Love these yummy colors.


Weird Patterned Yarn

Sock Garden Yarn from Knit Picks

Okay, what is going on here? I knit about 4-1/2 inches and then noticed the stripe pattern changed. I did change to one size smaller needles about 1/2 of an inch below the last pink stripe, but the pattern had already changed. Is this a flaw in the yarn? I love the softness of the yarn otherwise, but this I don't know about this odd pattern. What do you think?

Below is the picture from KnitPicks site:

* * * * Followup: Knitpicks has replaced both skeins of yarn and I got it in just a few days! * * * *


Sirdar 1516

I MUST make this. I have had it on order from a LYS since the week before Christmas, but it still hasn't come in. My friend had her baby in December and the baby shower was last weekend. Since there was no gift to bring, I printed the picture out, glued it on cardstock and wrote an IOU for the baby - lol. The people at the baby shower got a kick out of that. I just can't wait to start knitting it!

Other knitting news: I finished the purple scarf for my friend. It turned out great. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of it - ugh!

I just started a new pair of socks for my mom who wears Ladies Size 12 shoes. She has never been able to wear girly socks, so for her first pair, I am using Sock Garden from Knit Picks. The colors are shades of pink and yellow. I didn't realize this yarn would stripe - kind of a spiraling stripe, but I really like it. This yarn is softer than the Sock It To Me wool from Elann.


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