Cute Things Kids Say

Yesterday, I took 2 sons to see the play, The Boxcar Children. On the way home, one son asked: "Mommy, what day of the week is Yesterday?"

Why hadn't I thought of that before? There's Mon, Wednes, Satur "days", why not Yeterday?

Here's the culprit.

I have been a bad blogger lately. This flood has been like a major move and remodel. And to do this while keeping up with laundry, homeschooling, life, and the little caboose who has had non-stop colds/fevers/earaches from cutting teeth has been a bit overwhelming. Now I've added a big project to the list. A couple friends and I have decided to put together the homeschool co-op yearbook. This is typically a 80-100 page yearbook. Trying to make sure we have pictures of all classes - pictures of all students, etc, is a daunting task. No one had stepped forward and we really wanted to see if we could put it together to at least have something to chronicle the years' activities/events. We are doing it all digitally which is much easier than the traditional scrapbooking method. But, it's still time-consuming nonetheless.

I'll try to check in every now and then. Hope my friends are all doing well :) I enjoy keeping up on your blogs as well.


About Being Four

Four-year olds are fun. It is the age you can wear one overall strap the right way and the other one the wrong way. You can cut your bangs with kiddy scissors really short and still look cute even if it is a little crooked. Four years old is when you have those cute little baby teeth and beautiful smile. I love four-year olds. They are full of delight, excitement, wonder, still like to be kissed and hugged, say the funniest things, don't talk back, etc. Can I just freeze this moment, please?



Walking on the patches of grass/weeds/bare spots is not such an easy task for a new walker. I love to see big 4-yr old brother helping our new little walking boy.

Bye-bye "baby" PJ and life as we knew it. It feels very strange getting rid of baby things instead of putting them in boxes on the shelf. Very . . . . weird . . . . . . after having seven children. Very bittersweet. I think I shall go have a good cry.


Happy Resurrection Day

Not much crafting going on. Still working on the house. The portable storage unit was removed today so I'm busy unpacking lots and lots of boxes and we're having company for Easter dinner tomorrow. That should motivate me to get it done!

Pearly went to a friend's house and worked on decorating the little Easter lamb cake. She's also been busy making Jello jiggler Easter eggs. We will have 15 children and 4 adults total - whew!

I would like to wish everyone a happy Easter.


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