The making of a TNT top: New Look 6735

What a process, whew!   This had previously been my favorite TNT top pattern, but the pattern was misplaced.  I forgot that the pattern had been altered quite a bit to become my favorite pattern.  So, I bought a new pattern and the following are my working notes:

Fabric requirements:  1-2/3 yards 60-in. wide for 3/4 length sleeve
1-1/2 for short sleeve 

1st top = hot pink =  Made Size 16.  Shaped to 18 at hips.  Added 4-1/4 in. in length (because I'm TALL).  Turned out way too big!!!  Back to the drawing table.  Neckline was too low - revealing my bra when bending over.  Gap in back neckline, wrinkly back and too loose under armholes.  Wadder!  (This knit is a rib knit with not much recovery - bad choice!)

Way too loose in the back - gaping neck, excess under arms

Too long, too big, way too low in front especially if I bend over     
2nd top = green top:  Redrew neckline, raising it about an inch, went down a size.  Still loose under arm, still gape at back and neckline. This was another rib knit with poor recovery.
Still too big in back

This fabric was horrible to work with - a cheap knit rib.  Never again!

3rd top = orange multi 3/4-length top:  Ok, this is a success! (cotton blend knit)
  • In addition to raising the neckline about one inch (from before), I altered the neckline again because felt the neck opening was too wide. 
  • Took in 1/4 inch width from armholes. 
  • Pinched a tuck in the back neckline about 1/4 inch to solve the gaping neck problem. 
  • Reduced the added length from 4-1/4 to 3-1/4 in..  Previous adjustment was too long.
  • Added 3/8- in. width to neckline binding piece.  
  • Decreased length of binding piece by total of 2 inches. 
Finally a winner!  Made 3/4-in. sleeves, fixed the gaping back issue, the excess under arms.  Yea!     


Pumpkin Patch

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Playing Around Home

Fantastic bike trails nearby

Sweet Brothers


New Kind of Fun

Our new home is located very close to a river.  Dh bought a used boat off Craigslist and are taking advantage of the beautiful weather.  It was 75 and gorgeous today.  While they are boating, I think I'll head downstairs and do something productive in the sewing room. 


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