Feeding the Birds - Salem, Oregon

We found another place to feed the birds in Salem last week and got some good pictures. There was bird poop EVERYWHERE, though. This was right downtown Salem across from a prison. I hope I can remember this for next year because the boys loved how many birds there were and the variety as well.

I love how toddlers squat like that!

This little guy loved feeding the birds. And when he ran out of bread, he was intent on getting some pronto.

Is that a look of determination or what?

He hit the jackpot.

These 2 boys gave me the willies. You can't really see it in the picture, but it was a steep incline going into the river. I was waiting for one of them to slip and fall into the river.

Love the orange eye liner.

Cute little fuzzy babies.

Some people look adorable in every picture - the hair, the cheeks.

Of course, the peaceful bird feeding had to come to an end in typical boy style - chasing the birds! Go figure.

harlow727  – (6/30/2008 11:21 PM)  

How funny! My kids love chasing the birds. There is a park near my mom that has a lake that we go to feed the birds. There is a steep incline to the lake there too, and of course they always gravitate towards there. :)

Brit  – (7/01/2008 10:16 PM)  

the toddler squat is so amusing, and they can do it for hours..add a that extra layer of diaper and they can be dragging a bit..even cuter...your kids are so adorable!

Tina  – (7/08/2008 4:21 PM)  

The serious look on your little blondy is priceless....

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