Bored Boy

Yesterday, this 5-yr old boy came in my room whining about nothing to do. "It's so boring."
I told him to go look for bugs outside. He said, "you mean with pins?"
I said "yeah, ask your sister to show you where they are". (What was I thinking?)

So 24 hours later, little 5-yr old boy shows me this:

He's pretty proud of his collection on the piece of paper. "See, I just stepped on the bugs and then pinned it right through the middle so it dies fast." Thankfully, I see no guts or fluids.
". . . .but that spider right there isn't dead yet." (I see the thing wiggling even though it was successfully pierced through the body and the paper.)

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Jodi  – (6/19/2008 3:56 PM)  

That's a boy for you! But a clever one at that!

Tina  – (6/20/2008 5:46 AM)  

Smart boy....:)

I'm glad there was nothing oozing, even just in the picture!

Anonymous –   – (6/20/2008 11:04 AM)  

LOL....ugh! Glad you didn't see any oozing. Mine like to collect bugs too, but I make them keep them alive and study them in a jar,then they have to set them free. Looks like he caught quite variety of bugs, nice job.

Michelle s0ngbird1962

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