Snow Day

I'm almost embarrassed to post this. The local schools in our area were canceled due to snow. It may have snowed one inch or a tiny bit more, but that's all that is needed to cancel school around here. I'm sure many people in other states familiar with the white stuff are scratching their heads. We used to live in Maine where there was real snow. In Maine, as soon as snow was predicted, the crews would be ready to plow away the snow immediately. In our neck of the woods, we aren't nearly as prepared, don't have the amount of equipment, etc. Not only that, the people here do not know how to drive in snow, so in that sense, canceling school is understandable. Nonetheless, today was snow day in our neighborhoods and lots of kids were outside finding hills to go down. The two oldest kids were sick in bed, so I told the four remaining children to go have fun outside. This doesn't come very often, and they took full advantage of it.


Fried Chicken

When your 17-yr old son comes to you saying that he wants to make fried chicken for dinner soon, you simply don't ignore that comment. You go out of your way to make it happen. It doesn't matter if the kitchen gets trashed in the process when magical things are happening in the kitchen. When you take one bite of that meal, it will automatically be good because you didn't have to prepare it. Every mother knows that. What matters the most about this deal is that you've got a nearly grown (nearly 6'7") almost-adult teen who will one day not only be able to cook for himself, but also for his future wife. All those many years of praising the cooking attempts have resulted in a really decent cook. I no longer need to cook fried chicken. The baton has been passed. woohoo!
Baby taste-testing the mashed potatoes.


Blue Skies

It's unseasonably cold for us here in the Pacific NW. But - - strangely enough, it's also dry and that means outside play time for boys. Jonathan is slowly venturing out trying new words and it was very clear what "side" meant = outside.

As soon as he was bundled up and went outside, he climbed into the jogging stroller and yelled, "GO, GO" to anyone who would listen.



We now have six children at home. Our eldest moved out. She says she needed to stretch her wings and experience the real world. Evidently, this was in the works for many months, but we found out only a couple short weeks before she moved out. Even her friends did not have a clue until everything was all set in place. Looking back, she has always been like this. Whenever we would go for family hikes, she would go way ahead of us - sometimes so far that we couldn't see her. We would tell her to stick with us and she would for a while, but then would venture off again. This has been the pattern of her life. We should have known. Fly free, Hannah-bird, I hope you land on solid ground. We love you!


A Little Help from a Giraffe

Ramen noodles can be a challenge for even adults to eat. This is how my Jonathan attempted to eat his.


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