I received a priceless gift from my daughters this year. My eldest daughter asked a friend to do a photo shoot of she and her sister. I love my sweet girls!! They are 8 years apart, but they sure love each other and had a great time together making this gift for me. I am so happy with these pictures. Birdie is 23 and Pearly is 15.


Merry Christmas

Last week, our children participated in the Christmas performance and Caboose was all too thrilled to be Joseph. Actually, he did very well as a stoic Joseph. He is such a serious kid and it's always a challenge to get a smile. See how much better he looks when he doesn't realize Mama Paparazzi is shooting him? LOL Here he is before he saw me with the camera:

And here is after - lol!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas celebrating with our family. I felt especially spoiled with my dh getting me an iMac - wow, I forgot how wonderful they are.

Here are a few pics from our sweet day together.

Eating our traditional Christmas breakfast - homemade crepes with Oregon raspberries. We have a new "adopted" son hanging out with us. He's in the Coast Guard and his parents were stationed with us in Maine years ago when we lived there. His parents are overseas and so we are "keeping an eye" on him.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you were able to enjoy special times with your loved ones.


BRRRRRR - Fleece Pullover Kwik Sew 3094

I just whipped this up last night. It's been in the teens in the Pacific Northwest and I needed something to keep me warm in our house which has cool spots (due to heating with wood stove). This fits the bill! Click on the picture to enlarge.

More warm clothes to come.


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