New Version of Kwik Sew 3740

I snagged a gorgeous sweater knit at JoAnn's (amazing sweater knit from :::gasp:::: JoAnn's ) and decided to try and revise this great top pattern to a dress length as I have also done with another TNT pattern, Kwik Sew 2694.

It's quite easy to add length to make a dress from this pattern. I simply measured how much additional length needed at the bottom of the top and then figured out how width was needed. In this case, I used my previous dress from Kwik Sew 2694 as the guide. I measured 15.5 inches from the fold and then drew a straight line angled down from the bottom of the bodice to my new dress length. Voila!

This took 2 hours from cutting to completion. I will probably make this again in a solid next. If you haven't given this pattern a try, I highly recommend it.


Burp Cloths

I had a baby shower to go to for two lovely mamas from church. I ran across this online tutorial for making burp cloths. I've only used white cloth diapers for burp cloths and after making these, I have to say I almost had an itch to have another baby. They are adorable and so easy to make.

The instructions have you cutting out the fabric and then washing. I think it is better to prewash the fabric first so you don't have to deal with all of the frayed ends on each piece. I was able to easily get 6 burp clothes from 2 one-yard pieces. If using a rotary cutter (by far the easiest way), make the 17-inch cuts going lengthwise (parallel with the selvage edges) and the 11-inch cuts going horizontally from once side of the selvage edge to the other. This will be my new standby for baby shower gifts. It is so simple and practical.


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