Good to the last spoonful

I think we're on our fifth batch of homemade ice cream now. Today, I made chocolate, but added 1 tablespoon of espresso powder. It made the chocolate seem a bit more rich and like darker chocolate. Yum. I scoop it out of the frozen ice cream maker bowl and into a Tupperware container to free the bowl up for another batch. You just have to see how the boys help me clean out the ice cream maker bowl.

What a scene!

It's getting very serious now. Jonathan ditched his pacifier.

What'cha looking at? Is there a problem?

Hey, that's my side.

Yes, that 2-yr old really is sitting on the dining table.

Sigh of contentment with the evidence left on the cheek and shirt.


Our New Toy

Our ice cream maker broke. It was the kind that used ice and rock salt. I was at Costco the other day and saw this baby for $49 and took her home. This is coffee ice cream with roasted almonds and mini semi-sweet chocolate chips added in at the last few minutes. It was to die for. It doesn't make as much as our old ice cream maker. And you cannot use it until the ice cream bowl is frozen solid (read: not good for impatient people). But when the bowl is finally frozen, it works well.


Back Home

Our son is back home safe and sound from his trip to Rome and Greece and brought back some great pictures. What an amazing experience.



So, I got a call from my brother telling me that I should probably give Mom a call. My parents' beloved dog, Casey, suffered a stroke and could no longer walk. My parents were at the veterinary hospital weighing their options. When I called, the news was not pretty. Casey had lost control of her bowels, could not walk at all, sit, etc. The only thing that resembled the old Casey was her wagging tail. After much consulting and many tears, they decided that the best thing to do would be to put her down. Physical therapy might help, but it also didn't address the incontinent issue. And most likely, she would suffer more strokes. My parents were heartbroken and finally signed the papers to put her down.

I shared this devastating news to our children. We cannot have dogs as I am severely allergic to them. But I have always loved the kids to be able to play with other dogs because they become so much a part of the family. It was sad news, indeed. It is not an easy thing to explain to a 5-year old that sometimes we must end the life of an animal in order for it to be out of misery.

A few minutes later, I called Mom back. She said they were taking Casey home. I thought she meant that the dog would die at home. Turns out, Casey somehow, inexplainably, pulled out of it. The papers were signed to end her life, but somehow she all of a sudden stood up and started walking. This dog was minutes away from death and amazingly recovered. It's been two days since this occurred and Casey appears as normal as ever. The vets called my parents the following day to check and see how Casey was doing. They all were shocked and said that they had never seen/heard of a case like this.

I'm glad my parents get to be with their beloved dog for a little while longer.


Rome & Greece

While I am here at home doing the same ol' thang, my almost 18-yr old is on another continent having the time of his life. I haven't had any direct e-mails or contact with him, but he did send along a paragraph that was e-mailed to me and also someone from the group has been posting pics for us to see. I wish I could be a bug on the wall. I am so jealous! Unfortunately, I can't describe the pictures. I'll have to wait for Tall Dude to get back and explain them to us. Well, the first one is kind of obvious and I think they traveled by cruise ship to Greece (spent the night).


Love it

I love these - and what's cool about it is that I didn't take it. My 13-yr old grabbed the new camera and went outside chasing the boys. I love having more photographers in the house so they can help me catch things that I might miss.

I always heard that the first child gets the most pictures taken and then after that, the pictures diminish with each next child. I think the opposite has happened in our family.

I'm wondering - have you taken more or less pictures with each new child?


Keeping it Real

We just bought a new digital camera for our son to take on his upcoming trip to Europe, so being the mom that I am, I had to test it out. Being the children of said mom, they performed . . . . like the children of said mom. I'm keeping it real today. The kids weren't thrilled about seeing their mom with a camera. Oh well. All in a day's work.

Oh, it's you again.

Okay, will this do?

Ok performance

I don't like that thing.

You are really annoying me.

Can't a 2-yr old have a little peace and quiet around here?

If this doesn't say it all!

Specifics: Canon Power Shot A720 IS For a point and shoot digital camera, I can't complain.


Tall Dude

Tall Dude recently played his last baskeball game of the season and this picture really cracks me up. It's a little blurry, but don't you feel sorry for the little guy?


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