Pearly Pics

My good friend (the one who yanked me away to a ladies retreat last weekend) has an 18-yr old daughter who is getting into photography. She took pictures of my daughter's volleyball team. I thought she did a great job. Here's Pearly:

The next one is my favorite!


Sweater for Caboose

I'm working on a sweater. This free pattern is here: Child's Aran Pullover.
It's a very easy pattern to follow except now looking at it, I think I messed up on the left cable. Hmm, do I leave it or fix it? What would you do? (Nevermind - I fixed it. It would have bugged me every time I looked at it.)

I'm using gorgeous Dream in Color Classy yarn in the Nightwatch colorway, on Size 7/8 needles for a Child's Size 8 (yes, for my THREE yr old). I'm hoping he's swimming in it for a couple yrs of wear. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy this Dream in Classy yarn. It feels so good and the subtle color changes are gorgeous.

I'm hoping to get away this weekend to a ladies retreat. A dear friend invited me at the last minute and I so need the time away. My brain has been overwhelmed with the thoughts of a possible pending layoff (we find out in a couple weeks) and I keep going back and forth on what am I doing spending $$ on a ladies retreat when my husband may soon be out of a job. Maybe it's hormones, but today the tears just keep coming. After speaking to my friend today, she reminded me that as homeschooling mothers, we do not get time away from our job. It is never ending. And there is a price to pay for mental sanity and it might be better to pay this extra $$ to be refreshed mentally and spiritually and trust God to work out the rest. I think there is wisdom in that.

Well, I guess this post got a little personal.


New Do

This is a picture of me taken last week. I have lots of natural curl, but it has looked old, tired, frumpy and I've been tired of it. I tried to keep my hair long because my husband likes long hair - he thinks it is sexier when it is long. After he saw my new cut, he told me he liked it, but still preferred it longer because long hair is "sexy". I told him I beg to differ - that if I feel frumpy, then I'm not feeling too sexy. He finally caught on and said - "by all means, keep it short". LOL

Here's my new do I got yesterday. I straightened it. I like it because I do have the option of just letting the curls dry naturally and have a different look, but it is a nice change. Ignore the not-so-lovely lighting in my very dark home.


My Baby

My baby is THREE! How can that be? While we were at Tall Dude's basketball game, Caboose noticed the popcorn machine. We don't typically buy snacks at events. We bring snacks from home, but in order to stay within our budget, we teach our kids to not even ask for snacks at concession stands. Well, except for Caboose . . . on his birthday. He's always had a thing for popcorn. So while we were watching the game, he very politely asked me if he could have some popcorn. How could I resist?

Happy birthday, my sweet baby! You are such a joy to our family and can't imagine life without you!

That smile melts my heart!


That Crazy Time of Year

We have hit that time of year where our hours are consumed with baskeball and volleyball.

Here's Tall Dude playing basketball after missing about 10 days of basketball due to pneumonia. Can you say 2 points? He's so happy to be playing again. Oh, and at the doctor, they measured him at 6'8" - he's grown another inch - yikes!
And here's Pearly girl doing the thing she loves most: volleyball. They went in for the kill and she got the block. Yea!

And now I seem to fighting similar symptoms as Tall Dude. I've had a fever since Friday and a very deep cough. I'll get that checked out day.

It is not so easy to knit when your kids are playing sports. There are great intentions, but usually the knitting stays in the bag. Oh well, it can wait. My kids' games can't!
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