I'm loving this yarn combination:

Artful Yarns: Portrait, Color 101
Plymouth Yarn Dazzlelash

The Artful Yarns didn't have enough of the deep color I was looking for, but the Duzzlelash really helped give it more deep purple and the glitz that was missing.

Pattern is 16 stitches knitted in garter for 4 rows and Elongated stiches (wrapped 3 times) for one row. Next is 8 rows of garter stitch. I think that will be the pattern. I'm working it as I go. Using Size 10 needles.


My Ladybug is Stuck

I went in to tuck 5-yr old ds, Dub, in bed. He had his light on (unusual)and was propped up on his pillow with a sad look on his face. I asked him if he was okay. Dub burst into tears telling me his ladybug was stuck. Earlier this evening, he had found a ladybug on the ping-pong table. She had become his friend. I asked him where the ladybug was. She (I guess all ladybugs are "shes" because they are ladies, you know) was stuck in the weaving of the wicker nightstand. I could see her - belly up - not a good sign for a bug. She didn't look alive, but in Dub's mind she was indeed alive. He said that there was no way for her to get out. Wiping his tears, I delicately tried to mention that I thought she might be dead because she wasn't moving. He told me that she wasn't dead, but just stuck and cried some more. I told him maybe we could try to get her out with the vacuum cleaner. That idea didn't go over to well because then she "would be stuck in the hole". He still didn't get it that she was not alive. I mentioned to him that I'd try to help get her unstuck tomorrow after he had a good night sleep. He was satisfied with that answer.

These are the difficult, yet very important issues of a five-year old boy. I'm glad he shared his stuck ladybug burden with me - such tender tears and such precious moments.


Knitting School

Expanding Knitting Library

I've been reading reviews on knitting books. I want to be able to design my own sweaters that fit my tall frame. There's no sense in taking a ready-made pattern and redesigning it to my size when I can try to do it right the first time. I figure the amount I paid for these 4 books was equivalent to one knitting class (approximately $50 total). Not a bad deal, huh?


Scarf for Karen

I just bought this new yarn today to make a scarf for my friend, Karen, whose will be celebrating her 50th birthday. I also bought another Addi circular to add to my small collection.

Newest Project: Purple Scarf


Completed socks for Child Size 2-4 using Ann Budd's Book of Patterns using Magic Loop method.

Socks on cute, chubby toddler legs!


Socks Using Magic Loop

Child's Sock using Ann Budd's Handy Book of Patterns

Having completed one pair of socks using dpn, I wanted to try the Magic Loop method on smaller socks before venturing onto my size socks (as in BIG - lol). Yesterday, I spent 1-1/2 hours at the DMV as my eldest waited to get her driver's permit so it was a great knitting opportunity with no interruptions. I thought I had followed the pattern properly on the heel, but it looks like I counted the stitches wrong. I was dissatisfied with the yarn and frustrated at the pattern, so I frogged it. This is today's work. I'm much happier with the results. This time I kept track of the rows more carefully and it worked out fine! I can't wait to shape the heel - it seems to come alive then! The color is not quite right - it's a light blue, 100% wool. I am really liking the Magic Loop method!


Relationship Sweets

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

My 14-yr old son and I made cinnamon rolls together tonight. He loves good food and likes to spend time with me in the kitchen when we are working together on something yummy. I find that when we are working together on something, we have deeper conversations. I need to make a mental note to plan more events like this to strengthen our relationship.


First Socks Completed!

Finally completed my first pair of socks! The Kitchener stitch was a real challenge. I went to 3 different websites and used 3 different books, knit and frogged 5 times, and finally the directions that worked for my feeble brain was the Stitch 'N Bitch book. I'm so happy!

They aren't quite as snug as I would like, but I'm not complaining for a first-time effort.

My next pair of socks, I will try doing the Magic Loop method with a toe-up pattern.


New eBay Auctions for Tsunami Relief are Lilsted

I just listed the auctions on eBay for the two Tsunami Relief pillowcases I made. You can scroll down to see the pictures. Please help spread the word. The last auction closed at $31. Money goes far in those countries. I'd be thrilled to see that amount doubled!


Tropical Fish Pillowcase

Here's another pillowcase - this one of tropical fish among coral reefs. The fabric on the edge is gorgeous blue batik made in Indonesia - one of the countries most devastated by the Tsunami.


The fabric in this one is much different than I had planned on using. However, when I was searching in the fabric store for something that reminded me of what I imagined the ocean waters to be like, I noticed the words "Made in Indonesia" on the batiks. It made sense to make a batik pillowcase. The colors are glorious!


Can a woman have enough yarn?

My order from Knitpicks.com came in. This is one sample of their sock
yarns. I really like it - very soft and the colors are better in person. I am
going to knit up a pair of socks for my mom who wears Size 12 shoes. She
has always complained about having to get mens socks, so the color
really had to be pink for her. There will be no mistaking that these are
LADIES socks - lol.

I also got some Addi Turbo circular needles to try out the "Magic Loop"
method of knitting. I got it figured out - woo-hoo! I'm still trying to
decide if this method is faster than double pointed needles. After I finish
"those" socks down there, my next pair I will knit using the "Magic Loop"
method to see how that goes.

Knit Picks Sock Garden Yarn "Star Gazer Lily" in lucious pinks/yellow.


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