Son just got back from bird hunting with dh last week. He shot his first quail!

Here is is showing the bird to little brothers who of course were so excited and proud of big brother. The next day little guy was holding the play rifle and had the orange hunting hat on practically all day.


Pearly's Quilt

Last year, my 2 daughters (then 17 and 9) joined me at a Block of the Month quilt club. These are the blocks my 9-yr old and I did. I cut and she pieced her squares together. I added my 12 squares to her squares so that she could make a quilt for her bed.

She is beginning a new sewing class at the homeschool co-op and will take these squares to try to complete the quilt by adding borders. It will be fun to see this project completed!


Infant Sweater UFO

Here's a baby sweater I started a few years ago and left unfinished. I'm on a mission to finish the UFOs. It's an easy Sirdar pattern. Still trying to figure out the best way to hold the yarn in back and keep them from tangling, though. This will be a 12-month size baby sweater when finished.


Finished the two socks to match the infant hat. It wasn't too difficult to knit two socks at once using the Magic Loop method. The heel was challenging. At one point, I ended up putting some stitches on a stitch holder until I could line everything up properly, but it all worked out. I will definitely try it this way again. It's great to have 2 socks completed at the same time and know that they are the same length!


Two Socks on One Circular Needle

With each new project, I like to learn a new technique. It's much easier learning new techniques on baby items for me because they are much smaller and less to rip out. Here I am attempting to knit two socks on one needle using the Magic Loop method. I'm not following any book, but it seems to work. If I can get the heel okay, I will definitely continue this method. It's easy to lose track of rows and make one sock larger than another when you are knitting one at a time.

These socks will hopefully be the right size to match the little infant hat I made earlier.


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