Out of Commission

We went to another family camp on Labor Day Weekend. This 40-plus mom decided to play competitive volleyball. I set the ball, heard and felt a pop in my right knee and then went down on the ground writhing in pain. The next 24 hours, I could not put any weight at all on my right leg. The knee was very unstable and swollen. Dh was very good about bringing me meals, helping me to the toilet, etc, without complaining. Slowly, but surely, I've been able to put weight on my right leg. A trip to the doctor gave the bad news: at least a torn ACL. This morning I had an MRI to see if it's more than a torn ACL and will get the results next week.

I've learned a few things. Disabled people really deserve all the help they can get. Just doing things like going to the bathroom can be such a huge ordeal. Walking in a parking lot is very challenging. Crutches are not fun at all - you use upper body muscles you forgot you owned and your arm pits end up being sore.

Oh, and about MRIs - if you are getting an MRI on your knee, you can knit for the 25-minute procedure. The tech suggested that I take a book in with me and I asked if I could knit. He quickly checked to make sure my needles were not made of steel and gave me the green light to knit. After all was said and done, he told me thnat he was going to write about me in his book of "firsts" - the first person to knit while getting an MRI - lol.

He was a really nice tech. Showed me the MRI and explained enough to verify that I have an injury and fluid on my knee without compromising his job for disclosing medical information. MRIs are very cool, but I wish I could have learned about them without being the victim.


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