Pearly Girl

Another year for the Pearly girl. She's 11 now, loves music (piano, flute, and recently violin).

She's also enjoying playing volleyball for the first time this year.


Infant Socks

Here's a pair of infant socks just completed using Blue Moon Soft Rock 100% Superwash Merino, colorway: Marbles. It will be fine for either sex. I'm hoping to make another infant hat to match, if there's enough yarn. Used Size 1 needles, gauge = 8 sts p/inch.


Completed Infant Hat

Finished the new infant hat for our baby. I love it. I am going to make socks to match.


Music to My Ears

Our son (15 yrs) has been playing the guitar for a couple years. He had a teacher for about a year and has been progressing on his own since. H (18 yrs) didn't want to miss out on the action, so she's been trying to keep up with little brother. Here they are playing duets together. They sound great, but of course, I'm a little unbiased.


I realized that I hadn't started anything for our new baby. We don't know the sex, so white is the perfect color. It will be a rolled rim with i-cord top. I think this one will fit our new baby. There has not been one hat from hospital that has fit my big babies - they stay on for about 10 seconds and slip off!

I'm using Ann Budd's hat pattern from her Handy Book of Patterns. It's such a great book!


Baby Poncho - more progress

Baby poncho - it's been a while since I have updated on the baby poncho. Frankly, it's taken a lot longer than I had hoped, but I'm getting closer to completion - just about 5 more inches. I am sure hoping that when I block it, it will be be wider. The cables seem to shrink up the width.


Visitors in our yard this morning . . .

We had visitors in our yard this morning.


and her baby!


Getting ready to celebrate a birthday

Big brother waiting with little brother to get his birthday cake.

I'm three now! Bunny picked carrot cake for his birthday and put his own candles on the cake.


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