Her Royal Highness

When I take Pearly to fiddle lessons, this sweet cat has blessed me with her company on many occasions. I typically sit in the car during the lesson and read the Bible, listen to sermons, and/or knit. She climbs through the window to greet me and sits on my lap despite the fact that I'm knitting or holding a book. Quite a few times, this kitty thinks that she needs to warm my lap. One time, I actually fell asleep with kitty on my lap!

We used to have a gray cat, so whenever I tell the kids about this particular cat, they always listen intently to my stories. Last time we went to fiddle lesson, everyone came along and so they were able to meet Her Royal Highness.

Such sweetness! It makes us miss our beloved Cleo.
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Tina  – (6/10/2008 4:56 PM)  

Great pictures....:)

I don't really love cats, but Riley would sure be happy if I did. At a recent visit to grandma's she played happily with the cats for a long time.

Anonymous –   – (6/10/2008 10:20 PM)  

She looks alot like my gray tiger cat Gilbert. (Gilbert is a girl, but the kids named her when we thought she was a boy, lol). And I love her Royal Highness's bells. We just put 3 bells on my tiger's collar because she is an amazing hunter. The bells give the birds a chance.

Michelle ~s0ngbird1962

Carol  – (6/11/2008 12:03 AM)  

What a beautiful cat! makes me want another.


Tonya  – (6/12/2008 7:01 AM)  

We have a cat named Lola that looks just like her! Even the look in her eyes is the same lol

Lola thinks she is royalty, as well ; )

Jodi  – (6/18/2008 5:04 PM)  

She looks just like my Lulu!!

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