Purple, Pink, Green Grapes

Can't you see a scarf out of those colors? I couldn't stop staring at that beauty in front of me!

I love this grape steamer. It was found at a garage sale for probably a few bucks. There are three levels. Water is put in the lower level and the fruit is put in the top level. The top level has holes and so as it steams, the juice goes to the middle level and out the spout/tubing that you see. It's a very cool system.

It's grape time. We picked 2 large Tupperware bowls and an even larger stainless steel bowl (top picture) from our yard. All of those grapes gave us about 22 cups of grape juice. Tomorrow I will make grape jelly out of it (minus any small glasses of juice my kids manage to take before then).
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kelly jo  – (11/01/2008 4:50 AM)  

Wow - I've never seen anything like that, pretty neat!

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