Have you seen this movie? My sweet husband and 2 of our boys saw this movie on Sunday. What I like about this movie is that it was produced and directed by normal people - not from Hollywood. This was made in Podunk, America where people from all walks of life donated their time and energy to make something that they believed in - something that would encourage people in their marriages not only to help make it last, but to make it sweeter. I'm sure we could pick apart little details that weren't up to par compared to Hollywood, but when I looked at the credits and saw how many people were involved in this effort, it only made me smile and overlook little minor details that don't matter much anyway.

I come from a family where divorce is rampant. There is not one person in my family besides my husband and I who has not been divorced. My mom and biological father divorced when I was one year old. My mom remarried when I was 3 years old, but divorced 25+ years later. Even though Dad was not my biological father, he was the Dad who raised me. I wanted their marriage to work and it devastated me. It's very hard to explain to children about love and commitment and for them to see divorce all around them, kids going from house to house, having step-brothers and sisters and then having those step-siblings torn apart because of yet another divorce.

I know we can't prevent divorce, but we, as parents, will forever try to do our best to protect the institution of marriage, to honor the commitment that we made before our friends, family, and God, and also to try to be an example for our children and their children so that they can have a stable foundation on which to begin their lives as adults.

This movie may not be shown in all local theaters, but see if there is something shown near you.


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