Pincushion Swap

I'm mailing out my package for the pincushion swap (from the sewing board on My "swapee" loves bright colors: pink and oranges and also fall colors. My local fabric store was lacking in bright pinks, but this bright orange caught my eye. I also made a thumb pincushion to go along with the square one.

We're supposed to add extra goodies to total around $15, so I went to our local Made in Oregon shop and found some fun things that represent Oregon:

  • Apple/Hazelnut Butter (Oregon is a leading producer of hazelnuts - evidently Oregon grows 99% of our nation's hazelnuts according to this site)
  • A couple of postcards depicting gorgeous Oregon scenes

I'm excited to get this mailed!

Tonya  – (10/30/2008 6:02 AM)  

What a lovely swap gift! I am sure your partner will be thrilled : ) That little thumb pincushion is an awesome idea! I have never seen one before.

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