Chevron Scarf . . . . Done!!

Remember that Chevron scarf I started in April? It is finally done. This baby takes a LONG time to knit. It is the perfect project for brainless knitting, but it really goes on and on and on. I'm glad to have it done - just in time for my favorite season, fall!

Would you look at those gorgeous colors? The store owner at Farmhouse Knits picked them out for me - she knows my colors. Pagewood Farm Denali Hand Dyed Sock Yarn: Really Red and Mississippi Mud colorways

I love this scarf, but I won't be knitting it again!

Tina  – (10/21/2008 7:15 PM)  

It looks beautiful. Good thing you did such great colors, since you aren't knitting it again....

kelly jo  – (10/22/2008 2:54 AM)  

Those colors are fantastic - they look lovely on you!

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