Girly Party

Pearly Girl invited 6 friends to the Oregon Zoo and then over to the house for pizza. The weather was perfect and it was great to be with such sweet young teens.

We have a new addition at the Oregon Zoo, Samudra.

May I just say that this is the UGLIEST critter.

Have you ever seen a giraffe run? This one had a piece of foliage of some kind on it's back and couldn't get it off. He tried to shake it off and it wouldn't come off, so he started running. It was quite a sight.

Pearly and me

Sadly, the zoo had to come to an end for the day.

Doing the Wizard of Oz skip in the parking lot.

Tina  – (10/20/2008 8:43 PM)  

Looks like you all had a wonderful time...and that *you are still a sweet young teen inside sometimes...:)

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