I'm having a hard time

dealing with all of the political garbage on crafty blogs.

Just keeping it real here.

kelly jo  – (11/03/2008 3:59 AM)  

I'm just tired of it in general, craft blogs, tv, newspapers - everywhere!! I keep telling hubby we're moving to Australia for the next 4 years!

Tonya  – (11/03/2008 6:23 AM)  

Amen! And it is very biased too. If you are gushing about one certain candidate, you are loved and praised. However, if you support the other candidate, you get ugly comments. I will do my duty and vote tomorrow, but I am not very hopeful : (

shizzknits  – (11/03/2008 8:49 AM)  

I totally agree- I'm OVAH it!

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