Treat for my Feet

I finally finished these socks. My goal was to be able to wear them this fall. The pattern came from Sensational Knitted Socks using the Slipped Rib pattern. This is only the 2nd pair of socks I have knit for me and I'm trying to really get the perfect fit for my unconventional-sized feet - lol. I mean, come on, if I were to have "normal-sized" feet, they wouldn't be able to hold up my 6 foot 3-3/4-inch frame. Next time, I will add at least one inch to the leg length. I think I will also use a larger size needle for the leg and go down to the correct size for the ankle/foot. This project is recorded on Ravelry under my name: homejewel

Anonymous –   – (10/31/2007 3:00 PM)  

Hi! I love keeping up with your blog...I have ever since PJ was born!
It is so inspirational to see you and your big family so happy and you making socks for yourself! :) Yes!

Love, Karli (remember? Maryl's apprentice)

shizzknits  – (10/31/2007 7:17 PM)  

They are gorgeous! Nice work!

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