Yes, I am a blogging slacker. Four words would summarize the last 4 weeks: bum knee, harvest, schooling, and

Boy, ravelry is wonderful. I love to see projects worked up in various yarns. What a neat idea.
I have been knitting. Finished this little blueberry hat (Ann Norling's, Kid's Fruit Cap #10), but it's a bit small for PJ. So cute, though, and I love the pattern.

Cascade 200 Superwash, Dk Purple colorway (835) and Green Apple 802
Sz 7 circular needles, Magic Loop method (use size 6 next time)
Ann Norling Kid's Fruit Cap pattern
Child's Size 2
5 st = 1 in.

We've canned boatloads of salsa, grape jelly, pepper jelly, and the new one this year is zucchini relish from those mammoth-sized zucchinis that appeared out of nowhere in the garden after a vacation.

Newsworthy stuff: I have decided, after falling and injuring my knee yet again, that sugery is probably in order. The MRI proved that my ACL is completely torn and without the use of a functioning ACL, the knee can be quite unstable. Surgery means 4 weeks of being off my knee. I'm not sure how this will all work out logistically, but it would be nice to have some sense of normalcy without being so preoccupied with falling.

I hope you all are enjoying the fall. The leaves are starting to turn here and sometimes I want to just pull over to soak in the vibrant colors.

shizzknits  – (10/13/2007 7:58 AM)  

The hat (and the model) is adorable! :) Yikes about the knee...but it's probably better to do it now before it gets more unstable. Sending healing vibes your way!

B  – (10/13/2007 11:54 AM)  

Sorry about your knee :-(
Love the hat, and yes, ravelry is majorly addicting! LOL!

Stacey –   – (10/18/2007 7:25 PM)  

Too cute of a hat. Diego (3.5) came by and saw the second pic of PJ and asked. "Why is he so grumpy?" LOL.

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