Birthday Drama

Bunny had his 5th birthday while I was out of blogging commission. We had a nice birthday dinner and put candles on the homemade pumpkin pie he requested. Just as we began to sing "Happy Birthday", PJ got a pouty look on his face.

Seconds later, the dam burst. He was in a full-fledged boo-hoo crying hissy fit for a reason unbeknownst to any of us.

Poor PJ - he was in such a state, but all of us couldn't stop laughing at him. We are so mean. It will be interesting to see if he does this again for Pearly's birthday later this month.

Carol  – (10/15/2007 4:43 PM)  

OMG, that is REALLY cute!


Anonymous –   – (10/16/2007 5:43 AM)  

That last picture...priceless. I doubled over in a fit of laughter myself. Poor PJ,lol. This post reminded me of when Alex was around 2 yrs old. He hated loud singing and clapping. Birthdays were a bit dramatic with his crying and yelling at everyone to stop,lol.

~Jen (sisQQ)

Smoov  – (10/16/2007 7:20 AM)  

My nephew used to stand in his chair with his hands over his ears and cry when we sang Happy Birthday to him. We all laughed at him too!

And can I just add, while all the boys in the pictures are cute, Benjamin is just about the most precious little boy ever (besides mine of course)! Love his red hair. I would steal him in a heartbeat.

Stacey –   – (10/18/2007 7:22 PM)  

Isabella (now 7) used to cry at any birthday, no matter what, as soon as everybody started singing Happy Birthday. She did this until she was 5. lol.

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