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How's that for a title? lol The lighting was horrible on this picture, but I loved the sweetness of it. Sepia was a good improvement.

Time is ticking for my knee surgery and I'm trying to tie up loose ends, stock up on meals and make apple pies and sweet potato casserole to be put in the freezer for Thanksgiving. I don't know how long I will be out of commission. That thought is a bit scary.

I've heard lots of scary stories about complications from general anesthesia and the surgery itself. Why do people feel the need to share horror stories right before you are about to go into surgery? I heard similar types of stories when I was pregnant about to delivery a baby. What's all of that about, anyway?

I'm getting knitting projects ready for the 4 days I have to keep my knee elevated above my heart. Have you knit in that position before? I can't imagine being idle for that period of time. I sure hope I can accomplish something.

Smoov  – (11/13/2007 7:31 AM)  

Seriously, I've got no horror stories about the kind of surgery you are having and I know loads of cases because of the work I used to do. The surgery itself is short and everyone who has had something like that done has been glad they did and back to normal activities including running, skiing and gymnastics! Stop worrying and keep making those yummy pies ;)

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