Booties and News

I've lost count of how many baby booties like these I have knit. These will go to a little new punkin' at church. These were the only things that would stay on my babies feet. Socks alone never worked. I love the fact that this pattern has passed down the generations - well over 100 years old.

Surgery has now been scheduled for my torn ACL in mid-November. A couple days ago, I went for a walk yesterday - managed to go around the block twice and my knee felt like it was giving way. Not only that, I don't feel that I could ever make it up the hills I used to walk. If surgery will give me the ability to be as active as I used to be, then it is worth the mental anguish of the impending surgery/pain.

October is our busy birthday month. Orange boy recently turned 10 yrs old. He's the family clown who needs no audience to keep himself amused. He keeps us all in stitches.

My thoughts and prayers are with our neighbors to the south who are dealing with those horrific fires. Stay safe! At a time like this, the important things really stand out: friends/family.

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