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Ok, I have been a serious slacker since pregnancy and new baby. I have 3 children who are taking Suzuki violin lessons from a wonderful teacher at the homeschool co-op. I have been learning along with them (kinda, sorta). Thankfully, I have a musical background in my favor, so that has sure helped.

Today, I spent probably 30 minutes with our 6-and 8-yr olds teaching them a little theory: quarter notes and eighth notes. They learned it very well and quite easily. My goal is to get everybody singing and playing instruments. Now my 16-yr old wants an acoustic guitar (in addition to his classical guitar) and has expressed interest in singing vocal parts. We WILL do this. It has always been my dream to be like the VonTrapp Family Singers. Off with the TV. We WILL do this!

Whoa - I just had my son check out his vocal range. He's a baritone. That means my 11-yr old sing soprano, my 19-yr old and I can sing either tenor or alto, and my son is baritone. (The other little munchkins would be soprano/alto at this point). We have all 4-parts covered- woo-hoo! Agenda tomorrow: get/order 4-part vocal music! We've been singing rounds as a family for years, so it won't be too much of a stretch to sing 4-part. Why have I waited so long for this?

RANDI  – (4/19/2006 3:46 PM)  

No one is a "serious slacker" with a new baby--you probably just dont have time to do all things you would like to, though!

Best of luck with the musical stuff!

I wish our homeschool co-op had music lessons!

Better Full...  – (4/19/2006 6:02 PM)  

I have done nothing with music lessons so far. I am bad. You are good!

Pink Dandelion  – (4/20/2006 2:06 PM)  

We have a pretty full range in my family, I'm a soprano, my older sister is a second soprano/alto, my mother's an alto and my father's a tenor/baritone. It's so much fun for singing old hymns!

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