Please, Tell Me It Isn't So

Please don't tell me this style of sweater with the saggy armpits is considered fashionable. I don't know if I can bear it. I just got an e-mail from Lion Brand regarding their new improved baby pattern sweaters. Is this improved?

"Your adorable baby will get even more attention in these easy-to-make sweaters."

Yeah, I'll bet they'll get more attention! But you won't catch my baby in a saggy armpit sweater.

Dawn  – (4/25/2006 5:05 AM)  

Well, possibly it is an easier pattern to begin with? I am not a would certainly get the hang of increasing on this project. :o)
Thanks for coming by the blog and leaving a comment regarding our twins and their b-day last week. I had a look-see at your little big boy..What a doll baby! My first and third babies were 11 pounders at birth and looked very similar (red heads as well)...the nurse joked about their riding a trike into the nursery...
It looks like you have a lovely family..Blessings on you all!

Terri  – (5/03/2006 9:25 PM)  

Hmmm, maybe only improved in the sense that it is an easier knit compared to one with set in sleeves. I'm with you though. I like the more traditional look. Nice blog. :o) Thanks for visiting mine and leaving such nice comments. :o)

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