Eleven and One-Half

What goes on in the mind of an 11-1/2 yr old girl? Do you remember? I remember playing in the field with neighbor kids. We would help each other do our chores in order to have more time to play. I liked to read, sing, and play the piano.

Pearly takes after me in a lot of ways. She loves her music: piano, violin, flute, and singing. She loves to read. Today she was reading a good book laying in the hammock in the backyard. She sews, cooks, loves to play four-square with her brothers. Life is sweet at 11-1/2 yrs old.

RANDI  – (4/29/2006 3:28 PM)  

You daughter sounds like a real sweetie! My girls love to read too! My boys? Well, they will read but not as some leisurely activity. They are more into being wild, digging holes, playing ball games etc.!

Jodi  – (5/02/2006 5:46 AM)  

What a sweet girl you have! My son loves to read as well. When it gets quiet here, I know I will find him on his bed reading.

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