Big Weekend

This weekend was pretty busy. The two older kids were spending their last day on a mission's trip to Honduras, so we wanted to have a little special time with the 5 younger kids. So we on Friday, we took the younger kids bowling. This is probably the 2nd time they had gone bowling in their life.

Bunny trying to find his bowling ball - lol.

Once, Bunny (3-yr old) got up to bowl without Papa's help. He threw the ball, but instead of going into our lane, it veered off into our neighbor's lane just as our neighbor was about to release his ball. We all laughed hysterically. Thankfully, our neighbors did, too. It must not have blown our neighbor's concentration too badly as his next roll was a strike :)

Dh helping Bunny bowl.

It didn't matter whether he got several pins down or zero pins down, he always had a huge smile on his face. He did manage to get 2 spares!

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