Pearly's Birthday

We celebrated Pearly's 14th birthday. One thing different from last year is Caboose is getting more into the celebratory spirit these days. If you were reading this blog last year, you may remember this picture where he burst into tears as we started singing "Happy Birthday".

It got pretty bad . . . or REALLY bad as the song continued. Poor baby!

Notice how his siblings are consumed with consoling their distraught brother. (Notice how his mother continued to snap pictures.)

This year, as we started singing, he came out of no where and blew out Pearly's candle before she got a chance. He thinks they are all for him now.

We did light the candle again for the birthday girl. No worries.
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Tina  – (11/12/2008 6:33 PM)  

Of course you have to keep snapping pictures! That crying is a cute part of your family history.

I hope she had a great birthday....:)

Kristine  – (11/14/2008 5:14 PM)  

Oh, that face is priceless!

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