Do you see this?

Do you see where the end of this PJ shirt lands? Even with my hand on the keyboard, the end is landing in the RIGHT PLACE. Take note - what you see is the very first time I have had a shirt fit me properly in sleeve length. Previously, the way I would get length is by wearing XL (even though I'm a medium) and then the excess width would give me a little extra length in sleeves, but talk about swimming!

I had to laugh today when I was rinsing something out in the sink. Never before have I had to really push up my sleeves when doing dishes - they were already pushed up because there was nothing close to my wrist. Even tall shops don't fit me. My arm/legs are longer than my husband's and he is 2 inches taller than me. So, now I have adjusted the pattern. I have added 5-3/4 inches to each sleeve length and for the first time in my life, I will have long-sleeved PJ tops that fit. WOOHOO (can you tell I'm a little bit excited)?

Oh, see that double seam line - that is from my new coverstich machine. I like it a lot. Next time I will not make the seam so close to the edge. This was my practice piece (cheap $2 per yard sweatshirt fleece).

My PJ pants are cut out and ready to sew. I had to add EIGHT inches to the pattern and hope that I didn't tweak the whole thing out by adding that much length. I will report back later.

Tina  – (11/06/2008 10:11 AM)  

My aunt who helps my 12 year old with sewing always tells us that you don't sew to save money, but to get exactly what you want. (That's if you are good at it, I guess.)

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