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Looking at mushroom spores

Pearly is studying biology. Some people wonder how we can teach high school level biology if the teacher (ahem, me) has little biology background. We use Apologia science texts (info on Apologia on my sidebar) for high school (and grade school). These were written for homeschooled students and are very readible. We have purchased a nice microscope and also lab kits from Home Science Tools (incredibly fast shipping and great customer service). Once or twice a week, Pearly's friend comes over to do their labs together. This has been working very well. They have a daily schedule to keep up with and come prepared to begin labs on Fridays or every other Friday.

One of my favorite aspects of homeschooling is seeing children get exciting about their studies on their own (let me tell you, this mom is not fond of science, but I've been careful to not let that out of the bag). It has blown me away to see that not only has my daughter caught the science bug, but she has considered pursuing it in college. (Whew - my disdain for science really hasn't rubbed off.) When I think about it, perhaps it wasn't that I didn't like science, but the way it was taught was unappealing to me (don't get me on the subject of history which I now love). Give children the foundation of the love of learning and reading, the tools they need, and they will fly. I love homeschooling. I really do.

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Kristine  – (11/22/2008 9:29 AM)  

Yay for Pearly! :::coming from a huge science dork:::

Tina  – (11/24/2008 8:31 AM)  

I don't even like the word "spores." There is something unsettling about it....

You are such a great mom, trying to help your daughter get excited about science even when you are not. (Doesn't she read your blog though?)

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