I normally don't put up cherries, but my friend came across a good deal on organic cherries (2nds). They were 20-lb cases for $20, so I ordered 3 cases. I froze half and canned the other half to put on yogurt throughout the year. And this little cherry pitter saved the day ($14.99). However, the little gasket already is mangled and there is only one replacement (with no place to order more).

I wonder if I can get plain rubber at the hardware store so I can cut my own gasket to match?

RANDI  – (7/26/2006 7:03 AM)  

Here in Colorado cherries are $5.98 per pound! You are so blessed to get them for such a wonderful price!

Your hiking pictures are fun to look at--the little guy is too cute!

Cergie  – (7/26/2006 7:43 AM)  

I have the chance to have a brother in law who grows cherrie trees in the south of France near St Tropez.
Not only they are free but we eat them climbed on the trees ! Yummy !
I do "clafoutis" with them. For 1 egg : 1 soap-spoon sugar, one cream and one flour... It's like pancake mixture.
Cook in the oven.
For my family, I need 3 eggs, for yours I think 6 would be good !
This recipe is very good with banana too. And today I'll do one with apricot...

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