What is going on with Blogger?!

What is with Blogger? Has anyone had a picture that refused to go the right direction? In my files, this picture is a horizontal picture. Why is Blogger making it vertical? WEIRD!!!

Anyway, there's Pollywog wearing booties and hat. I actually have some unfinished booties that match the hat that need to be finished. Trying to get the stripes to match on the booties was too difficult and I gave up. I'm just going to finish them and be done with it.

Brandie  – (3/21/2006 7:41 PM)  

He is adorable!!! Aww! I wish you lived closer - we could sit and knit and let the kids play together!

shizzknits  – (3/21/2006 8:22 PM)  

So cute! I love the hat and all the rolls. :)

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