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Here's the back of the new baby sweater using the RAK yarn mentioned in the previous post. The back and sleeves are done. I had both front pieces finished, but then realized I did not add the correct amount of stitches. Not sure how the cardigan will look with dropped shoulder seams, but I'm still going to go for it. Making this into a cardigan also means I have to figure out how to space the buttonholes - oh boy.

And to top that off, there is a baby shower for my little guy on Sunday and I'd love for him to be able to wear it with this little outfit, so the race is on. I also have little ducky slipper/shoes that someone gave me 3 yrs ago with my then newborn that match this outfit. How ducky can you get?

Brandie  – (3/14/2006 11:29 AM)  

We have that same blue overall/ducky outfit! We also have a hat and bib to match =)
I'll have to dress babyboy up in it and post a picture for you! Too funny!!

Denise JoAnn  – (3/16/2006 5:08 AM)  

I love the yellow yarn you choose. I can picture it together with the ducky outfit. I have a post of what I am currently knitting waiting as a draft, stop by soon to see. Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment!

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