On the Floor Beside Me

The house is fairly quiet. Dh has taken two children to AWANA games, two older kids are in Central America on missions trip, baby is making little noises from his bassinet, and I am taking a break from sorting through boxes and boxes of clothes. After reading a couple message boards and checking e-mail, I looked down on the floor beside me to see this:Two brothers with two puppy dogs snuggling together

Well, by the time I uploaded this photo, they were already running back and forth down the hallway upstairs above me. So much for peace. I don't think boys understand the concept of peace and quiet.

Lisa  – (3/18/2006 4:21 PM)  

So cute. Drew has that same dog (with the light colored ears) It looks like a beagle. He is 6 and will not sleep without it.

shizzknits  – (3/20/2006 9:47 PM)  

awwwww what sweeties.

I think boys give us quiet moments like this just to tease us:
"Yah mom, we *can* be quiet. But we won't be- loud is much more fun!"

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