Learning Experience

Today I think I would rather focus on successful accomplishments, like these cute little booties. I'm pretty sure these were made 3 babies ago. They are 100% cotton and the pattern is the infamous Stay-On Baby booties pattern that has been around since at least the Civil War era.

What I don't want to talk about is the little yellow sweater, but I will. Turns out when calculating the number of buttonholes, I forgot to account for the buttonhole in the neckline ribbing. I bought 6 yellow buttons, but need 7 - there were no more on the shelf. So do I rip out the buttonhole band and reknit for 6 buttons or go to the store and get 7 new buttons? There's no real rush since it doesn't fit my big baby. It will be a gift for another lucky baby (a "normal-sized" baby). So, in the meantime, I will reflect on this as a learning experience and will try to remember to account for ALL buttonholes next time. ho hum

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