You get a Line, I'll Get a Pole, Honey

. . . . we'll go down to that crawdad hole . . . .Crawdad Song
Do you remember that camp song?

We went back to the blueberry field to get more blueberries. You can see the blueberry fields off in the distance. You have to cross that bridge over a creek to get there. My boys didn't make it to the berry fields for a while because they spotted much more interesting stuff beneath the bridge = crawdads.

Orange Boy had plans for the crawdad he caught. See how the color of the crawdad changed from the previous picture to this picture? That can mean only one thing. I didn't tell him how to do it. He called his Papa and took care of it himself. He especially enjoyed the fact that his little brothers weren't too interested in having some, so he was able to eat it all by himself.

That's my boy.
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Brit  – (8/11/2008 8:34 AM)  

I love the pics of your kids in crocs..such a great shoe for this area don't you think? And they wash well..we were in salem yesterday for a family reunion and we were able to just hose feet off before the long car ride home.

Also husband is still fascinated with them so it's only a matter of time...

Anonymous –   – (8/11/2008 1:05 PM)  

That sure is a little lobster, lol. So reminds me of Mikey this weekend. He dug out a large clam from the flats this weekend, brought it home and his Dad showed him how to cook it. : )

Love reading about these simple things in life....

Michelle s0ngbird1962

Kel  – (8/12/2008 7:36 AM)  

i love crawdad's. We were in New Orleans for Mardi Gras years ago and had a crawdad gumbo a friend made for us. it wad delicious.

Tammy  – (8/13/2008 11:39 AM)  

my son wants to go get more blueberries, where is the farm you went to? The one we usually go to is not picking for another 9 days!!

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