Green Beans

Sink entirely full of beans.

Getting ready to blanch the beans.

4-1/2 gallons of blanched green beans ziplocks ready to freeze

The green beans are plentiful now. Having the freezer filled with garden produce is such a nice sight. I was reading up on blanching and found this site. With so many beans, I had already decided that I was only going to take the stem-end off and then freeze them whole otherwise it would have been a very long event and the above-listed site says that blanching them whole helps them to retain color and nutritional value. That settles the deal for me.

PS - Notice how the purple beans turned green after blanching?

Anonymous –   – (8/13/2008 10:03 PM)  

is it wrong to be totally fixated on the shape of your sink?

Tina  – (8/14/2008 10:42 AM)  

They look wonderful.

I sure would like the look of my freezer with them inside! Your hard work has paid off.

Randi  – (8/17/2008 7:56 PM)  

I love getting things processed/frozen/canned! It feels so good to set things away for the cold weather!

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