We went peach picking for the first time in a few years. They aren't as easy to pick as you might think. When picking berries, it's easy to see what is ripe and what is not. With peaches, some sides look ripe, however, when you pick them, they can be entirely green on the other side (they don't just hang from a stem like apples, so it can be difficult to see the other side).

Two pies are in the oven, I'll freeze some sliced, and then the rest will be canned. Oh - did I say 100+ pounds. And . . . it all has to be done today. . . . . and I still have errands to run. Yikes!

Check out that cool "drive-in" scale at the bottom. The wagon and boxes were weighed before picking so that all we had to do was drive the wagon onto the scale and weigh all at once. Very slick!

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Tina  – (8/29/2008 6:10 PM)  

So much work! I actually HAVE done I also know they will be worth it.

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