Pearl Tapioca, Sago Pudding, Guinataan

A while back I posted about a pudding I craved when living in the Philippines.

It is a big process to make it. Last night Tall Dude wanted some pearl tapioca which is in that recipe. We've failed many times, but we finally think we have it down now. The key is to pour the pearl tapioca into boiling water and keep at a low boil for an hour or so until the pearls are transparent. After the pearls are cooked, the water it was cooked in becomes very thick and gooey. I added coconut milk, a little half and half, sugar, and a bit of butter and vanilla. We served it room temperature with sliced bananas. The pearl tapioca is so fun to eat.

Have you had bubble tea before? Pearl tapioca is used in bubble tea. Now I guess I'm going to have to learn how to make bubble tea.

Next time we make the tapioca pearls, we will have to go all out and add the glutenous rice balls to the above recipe - they are the absolute best things to squish on the roof of your mouth. I sound like a kid!

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