Camping Trip from the Eyes of a 13-yr Old

Pearly took the digital camera on their camping trip and came home with these pictures. It's great fun to see what interests children when they have the camera. I think she's well on her way to being a photojournalist. Stay tuned for follow-up post on hobo dinners!

Mt. Jefferson, Oregon

They tried to get the perfect camping spot and went to four lakes, but none of them were good, so they ended up spending the first night in a hotel. Here are 2 monkeys jumping on the hotel bed!
Detroit Lake and Dam

Currently my favorite picture of Bunny. Pearly really captured him in this shot.

Orange Boy (10 yrs) gets credit for this eagle shot and the following 2 pictures.

Carol  – (7/12/2008 5:33 AM)  

We've had some great times at Detroit Lake! Glad they had fun!


Tina  – (7/12/2008 8:48 PM)  

It looks like a really great trip...and I think your daughter took some pretty good pictures!

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