More skirts

Here's Pearly's newest skirt. She had a lot of seam-ripping to do because of putting the tie on the wrong way, but her persistence paid off. I'm so proud of her. This is her 3rd skirt she's made. She's saving me a bundle of $$ and learning new skills at the same time. Total cost: $8

Here's an A-line skirt with zipper my 20-yr old just finished for herself. Total cost of fabric and zipper - $11.25.

Here's another wraparound I completed last weekend. The colors are definitely "me". Total cost = $8

I don't think I've ever come across a sewing book that has been put to such use. And we've only begun because there other styles as well.

Today it's supposed to be 92 degrees and we have no a/c. It feels great to be wearing a light cotton skirt and tank - even cooler than shorts.

Jodi  – (8/03/2007 9:52 AM)  

Cute skirts!! Wanna make me some LOL!

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