I find this sad

3-month old PJ

In this day where so many children have health issues, I find this sad:

New mothers stop breastfeeding too soon, CDC finds

The Associated Press

ATLANTA | Nearly three-quarters of new U.S. mothers are breastfeeding their babies, but they are quitting too soon and resorting to infant formula too often, federal health officials said Thursday.

A government survey found that only about 30 percent of new mothers were feeding their babies breast milk alone three months after birth. At six months, only 11 percent were breastfeeding exclusively.

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I can think of very few things that are as blissful as having a little baby gaze into mama's eyes while nursing. Okay, so I'm a little biased.

Tracy  – (8/04/2007 7:08 AM)  

I wonder how that coincides with working moms? That time frame, three months, fits right in with how much time allowed for maternity leave. Perhaps it's made too difficult for them to pump at work? (Not that it's an excuse, just wondering out loud)

HomeJewel  – (8/04/2007 9:38 AM)  

I'm sure you're right, Tracy. Our society makes it difficult to be a SAHM and while there are so many working moms, there are so many employers who make it hard for moms by not providing places to pump, flex time, etc. US is really behind the times compared to so many other countries. In other countries, you get a funny look if you aren't nursing your baby.

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