CCC and Bingo

Tall Dude made some delicious chocolate chip cookies last night and while he and Papa were out, the 3 boys and I played BINGO. It was great fun. Bunny sat by me as I called out the numbers and he was pretty good at finding the letter and then the number. As soon as he saw the number he was looking for in my hand, he yelled out BINGO before I had a chance to say the number. Prizes were awarded, too - Baby Ruths. I know my 2 absent daughters won't mind me depleting my Baby Ruth stash. They are obviously having too much fun in VA. They have only called one time. (visualize mama tapping foot on the ground with hands on hips)

The boys wanted me to take a picture of them eating chocolate chip cookies, so I did.

And of course a close-up to prove that they were cooked to perfection. We do have high standards around here.

It is nice to have more than our usual quota of cookies since 2 girls are gone, I must add. We all definitely took advantage of that. Thankfully, Papa has been walking my hips off in the evening .

To my precious girls: Have fun at VBCC tomorrow. Give lots of hugs to that lurking lady with the initials MA and her sweet family. Also, please go find Mrs. T - the one with 6 kids and evidently is in a wheelchair now. You must give her a hug from me, and of course Gma Sylvia and your old choir teacher and their family. Oh, and the family who used to live in Germany and those crazy guys who sing together. I'm feeling a tinge of jealousy that I couldn't have hid in your suitcase.

Birdie –   – (8/04/2007 9:27 PM)  

lol, wow, I'm going to have to have a "to-meet and greet" list. :) Love ya, miss ya, and we're having too much chocolate to even care a smidgen about those chocolate cookies, you know that RJ and I have to make them anyway "with salt" - regardless of how she likes them ;)

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