We are still at the apartment. We will be moving back home in the next 2 weeks. The flooring is down in 2 rooms. The built-in cupboards are back up so we can begin the process of putting things back.

It's been a nasty week for our family, though. 8 out of 9 family members have been sick: runny noise, cough, fever, earaches, mastitis (guess who?). After I got mastitis, PJ did not want to nurse on the affected breast. I started getting engorged, but by that time, he got sick and his appetite decreased. Yesterday and today, I noticed that he's so fussy. He tried to nurse, but can't get much of anything on one side (mastitis side), and still not enough for his liking on the other side.

This is breaking my heart. The earliest I've had a baby weaned was 18 months. He's not quite 12 months. He doesn't even want to wean. He doesn't like formula or water. I did get him to drink a bit of soy milk. I'm going to spend a lot of time pumping tomorrow to try to get my supply back up again.

Tammy  – (1/31/2007 8:18 AM)  

Oh dear, I am so sorry to hear that most of you have been sick, you poor guys, especially you. I hope you get the mastitis taken care of.

shizzknits  – (1/31/2007 9:03 AM)  

I hope you are all feeling better soon. Mastitis is no fun. :( And hopefully your little one won't wean permanently....maybe it's just a nursing strike.

Good news with the move-in date, though

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