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Okay, here is my latest attempt at the short-row heels. In the process of trying to understand these instructions, I have discovered a thing or 2 about short-row heels. There are quite a few ways to do them: with wraps, double wrapped, no wraps, with yarn overs, and it seems that everybody has their favorite or a slight variation. I have figured out that the directions I am using are for a yarn-over short row heel. I have taken a picture of some of the directions. It seems to look right - but what do I know. What I really need to do is show this to an expert. Maybe an expert or at least someone who understands this can confirm if it was knit correctly or not.

Nevertheless, as I got to the last line, "Transfer the last 13 sts back to the left needle and REKNIT these 13 sts with Cranberry". I am utterly lost. I don't know how many stitches I was supposed to have (I love it when directions tell me how many stitches I should have at various points.). I am just lost. I may have to put this aside for a while to find my brains again. I mean, come on, I've probably made 10 prs. of socks now. I even know how to do the Kitchener stitch. I should be able to get this.

I think it would be great if there was a place that showed the differences between the different styles of short-row heels and even styles of heel flaps. Is there any such book/website? I'm trying to remember if the Twisted Sister's Sock Workbook shows the differences. I checked it out at the library a while back and remember thinking it was a great book.

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